Blogging vs Vlogging? What is the difference?

Every brand or individual wants to get more visitors to their blog. There are basically two traffic generation strategies blogging and vlogging to generate huge amount of traffic and gain potential customers.

Blogging is all about writing articles and vlogging is all about creating videos.

But the question is what to choose? Blogging or vlogging?


Blogging is like an online log, where an author can share his thoughts, experience or whatever he wants to share with his readers about any specific topic.

Advantages of Blogging

1. Easy to set up

It’s very easy to set up a blog. You don’t need extended technical knowledge to create a blog. There are several platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr… making our life simpler for creating a blog.

2. Does not require massive equipment

To create a blog, you need not have a lot of equipment. All you need to have is A computer and a good internet connection.

Get huge traffic to your site, by using SEO and proper promotion of your content on social networking sites, blog directories … and earn a decent amount of money by using Adsense ads, affiliate marketing…

Disadvantages of Blogging

1. Need to know about SEO

SEO is all about ranking a site in search engines. To generate traffic to your blog, you should have a good knowledge of SEO. Learn On-page SEO and Off-page SEO and implement them.

  • Use proper title for your blog posts.
  • Use High frequency and low competition keywords in your articles.
  • Use images in your blog posts and try to have at least one image for every blog post.

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2. Update your blog regularly

Another thing you must notice here is, you need to update your blog on a regular basis. Convert your visitors to regular blog readers by providing them quality stuff that they are searching for via your articles.


Vlogging stands for video blogging in which one can share his thoughts or whatever he wants to share with others by creating videos.

Advantages of Vlogging

1. Doesn’t require professional writing skills

Unlike a blog, you don’t need professional writing skills to create a vlog.  If you can create quality videos, you will get huge visits with minimal SEO effort and earn money from your videos.

2. You can get more user engagement

Generally people used to watch videos rather than seeing of written stuff. So by creating good vlogs you can get more traffic and more user engagement.

Disadvantages of Vlogging

1. Need expensive equipment

To create a vlog, you need to spend some amount of money on equipment.  You need to have a camera to shoot high-quality video and professional video editing software like adobe after effects.

2. Difficult to edit after submission

We can easily edit blog post after publishing but when it comes to vlogging editing is not an easy job. If you find any mistake in your uploaded video, you need to delete it and edit the original one and again upload the video in your channel. Sometimes editing is difficult, so you may have to re-record the video.

3. It takes time to vlog

It takes time to record a video, edit the video and upload the video. You require 2-4 hours for a video. So you must spend some amount of time to create a vlog and to become a good vlogger.

Blogging or vlogging? It’s up to you

Its depends on your opinion whether to choose blogging or vlogging? If you have good writing skills then go for creating a blog and share your knowledge through your blog articles. If you have good speaking skills then go for Vlogging.

You can also create a vlog in parallel to blog. Just create a blog and embed video into your articles so that you can get more traffic, more user engagement, and more earnings$$$.

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