Whatsapp Download For Laptop PC Free

WhatsApp for PC

Whatsapp Download For Laptop PC Free

WhatsApp is not available for windows users officially, but in this post, we are going to share WhatsApp for PC Version free download. We are not going to share the blue stacks method which gives many errors over graphics and much more. Our method is simple, clean and virus free. WhatsApp is the number one messaging app available free in the market, but recently Facebook has brought WhatsApp completely, the fact goes around is that WhatsApp is having users double than the number of users contained by Facebook which is also number one in social networking online.

So by these facts and such insane popularity of this application you can imagine how important this application is, more ever how important this application is if it is freely available on computer versions as on mobile it is somehow waste of time, but in PC it fast and user can regulate such application in many ways and save its precious time. In this post we are going to share WhatsApp for PC Version Free Download Full Version, In-fact this is the fastest method to download, install and then use Whatsapp on PC, Whatsapp collectively have many features, advantages, and numerous benefits. Some of them are listed below:-

Features of WhatsApp

  1. Its unlimited and free messaging application available free in the market.
  2. It’s free for one year.
  3. A one can use it to send unlimited messages and chat overnights and days.
  4. Instant download and installation.
  5. One of the great features is that there is no any kind of advertisements.
  6. You also can share any number of pictures.
  7. share any number of videos.
  8. You can share any number of voice notes.
  9. A user can easily and quickly learn how to use it.
  10. A user can do a group chat.
  11. It can run easily on iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian, Nokia and Windows phones.
  12. They don’t sell ads.
  13. A user can send unlimited audio messages.
  14. A user can create groups to remain in touch with each other.
  15. There is no cost of messages or anything else.
  16. Easily available in the online market.
  17. It can also recover deleted messages.
  18. All devices are supported.
  19. Verifying your phone number is much more easy now.
  20. Connecting to the server is much faster now.
  21. Updates of application have no trouble at all.
  22. Trusted by almost 500,000,000 Users around the globe.
  23. Very easy to use.
  24. Available in a number of languages.
  25. and many more features…..

Install WhatsApp for PC via Andy

Andy is new Android software available free of cost and you can make use of it to use Android games and applications on your computer. You can download it in free of cost, Its genuine software trusted by millions of users and better than blue stacks.

  1. First of all, you need to download this software Download ANDROID EMULATOR Click Here
  2. Now began the installation, the process of installation is simple.
  3. Once the software is installed you will see an Android tablet running on a Jelly Bean version of android, there you will see Google Play Store, download apps and start using them from that play store.
  4. Use the search option in the Google Play store to locate WhatsApp application then download it, after downloading install it.

You can log in on Andy with your Google account. It also stores information for later use e.g messages can be read after some time.

above method discussed is the most secure, fastest, virus-free, clean and simple method to run WhatsApp on PC (Whatsapp on desktop pc), You can download WhatsApp for PC Whatsapp Download For Laptop PC Free and use it by this simple method. If you like this great article then share it 🙂

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