How to Add a User in WordPress

How to Add a User in WordPress

WordPress is the world’s no. 1 open-source blogging platform. WordPress is also a well-known, best and free blogging platform just like Blogger, Joomla etc. I am also using WordPress and also recommended others to use WordPress. WordPress is a free script which you can download from and install it in your server and start blogging. As nowadays almost every blog/website is having more than 1 authors. Many of WordPress users do not know how to add a user in WordPress. So, for those who do not know the way of adding a new user in WordPress I am sharing that way in this post.

How To Add A User in WordPress

  1. First of all login to your WordPress admin page which is
  2. Now in the left sidebar, there will be a list of categories. Just hover on the Users and it will open a sub-menu now Click on “Add New”.
  3. Now a new page will open containing a form for the details of your new user.
  4. In the first field of the form which is the Username and it is also required and cannot be changed in the future. Simply add your new user’s Username here.
  5. In the second field enter his E-mail Address.
  6. Now enter First and Last name.
  7. Now write the password for the new user and also select the role for your new user.
How to Add a User in WordPress
How to Add a User in WordPress

If you are having any problems while filling the form I have shared the screenshot of the form just fill it by the help of the screenshot below.

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